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When I was a child,

no one told  me memories

could last a lifetime.


Previous Production

Several years ago, I asked a small group of friends and family to work with me and help me make a movie. None of us had ever undertaken anything of this magnitude before. The cast had to rehearse and remember their lines. The crew had to learn to operate the equipment. 


We fumbled, and we stumbled, but in time our doubts were replaced with dedication and determination. There were missteps and mistakes, and I made every mistake possible except for one, I didn't quit.


This short film was an incredible learning experience from concept to completion. I'm pleased to say that this is our movie. It is our FIRST Independent Feature Film. Please watch it, share it, comment and like it; with your support, you will help to make our next film possible.



For Every Grain of Sand is a drama about a man named Richard attempting to reconcile with his estranged wife, Val. To win back her love and in the act of desperation, Richard shows up at her front door begging Val to take him back as he tries to convince her that they were meant to be together.
But little does Richard know that his beloved has already moved on and is now seeing a strong willed man named James. Crushed, Richard reminds Val of the wedding vows they once shared, even though now it seems as though those wedding vows mean nothing to her. But how far will Richard go to prove to Val that they are made to be together, and how much turmoil will Richard cause before he learns the real meaning of Love?

In Production