From a very early age, you were conditioned to think a certain way, and as a result, you grew up believing what you were taught to believe, and in the end, you became what you were led to believe.


     Subsequently, many people teach their children to think the same way. Follow the rules and not to make waves. But in life, all things change. We grow old; we pass away. In any event, the conditioning of each new generation of children remains the same.


     While we were growing up, they taught us to live as they lived and to believe as they believed, and as a result, our struggles turned out to be like theirs, basically the same.


     They taught us to believe this is how life was meant to be, and it will never change, but they are wrong, because every now and then, a new generation comes along with the courage to change everything. What was taken by force, we will take back with Knowledge. Here's to Money and Power.

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